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Belt cleaner to remove unwanted debris from return side of the conveyor.
Lots of times rocks, lumps and other debris get to the tail pulley and cause damage to the belt. This can result in punching holes through the belt surface. This can also lead to belt tracking problems and other maintenance and repair expenses. The V-Plough is a "belt cleaner" for the tail drum and is designed to clean the return side of belt and eliminate the problems above.
Single Direction Plough Bi Direction Plough Stainless Steel Turnbuckle
Single Direction
Bi Direction
Diagonal Ploughs Single and Bi Direction
The Diagonal Plough cleans the belt in front of the tail Drum. It keeps lumps, rocks and other materials out of the tail drum where they could cause damage to the belt, the lagging or the drum.

Installed on a 45° angle across the belt, the Plough discharges the unwanted product to a selected side of the belt for easy access to clean up. The plough is installed in a fixed position, eliminating any bouncing or vibration problems that may be experienced with floating-style plough.

The Diagonal Plough is the versatile, economical solution for protecting the tail drum, drive drum or gravity take-up drums from carry back materials that may fall onto the return side of the belt and cause damage or mistracking problems.

There are no moving parts to maintain. The only maintenance required is an occasional readjustment of the blade to the surface of the belt. Blade replacement is easy. Simply remove the bolts and the worn blade, and bolt on the new blade.
• Cleans the return side of the belt just before
the tail drum
• Eliminates conveyor damage and belt
mistracking caused by debris lodging in
the tail drum
• Can be adjusted to the belt surface to make
it more efficient than other ploughs
• Available in four sizes for all belt widths
• Removes carry back to both sides of
the conveyor
• High density low friction blades for excellent
performance at low cost

Stainless Steel Turnbuckle
A stainless steel turnbuckle that allows the blade to be fine-tuned to the belt at installation. This means the front of the plough is accurately positioned so it will not nose dive into the belt and potentially cause damage to the belt or the plough. It also eliminates vibration that is typical with ploughs using chain links for adjustment.
Other Features and Benefits

Reduces belt mistracking. Material build-up on a drum causes belt mistracking problems which can lead to other problems on the conveyor.

The Diagonal Plough removes those materials before they get into the drum and begin building up.

Discharges to either side of the belt. The plough can be angled to discharge materials to either side of the belt, making it as easy as possible to clean up.

Can be used anywhere on the conveyor. The Diagonal Plough can be installed on the inside of the return belt anywhere there is a problem with materials falling onto the belt.

Many times it is installed just behind the head drum or any feed on point to dump material before it travels down the coneyors return side.

Cost effective & Durability make the Diagonal Plough very versatile.

Replacement blades are also low cost.